Data Harmonized and Cross-Linked in the Policy Votes Project

We are in the process of creating a unified and cross-indexed database of the preferences of the European electorates and election results, political parties and governments, legislatures and legislative outputs, which will include all of the most important cross-national, time-series data.

For data on preferences of the electorates:

  • Eurobarometer
  • European Election Studies
  • International Social Survey Programme (Role of Government)
  • European Values Study
  • World Values Study
  • The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems

For data on political parties and governments:

  • Parliament and Government composition database
  • Expert Surveys providing positioning of Political Parties
  • National Party Manifesto Coding
  • European Election Manifesto coded data
  • Comparative Manifesto Project coded data

For data on legislative outputs:

  • Roll Call Votes of the European Parliament and Council
  • European legislation coded data
  • National legislation coded data
  • European and National coded budgetary data